Louisville Kentucky Roofing Contractor

Need Emergency Roofing Services Louisville Kentucky? 

Unisource Roofing, your Louisville Kentucky Roofing Contractor performs roofing services like roof repairs, new residential asphalt roof installations, skylights repairs, skylight replacements, gutter repairs, gutter replacements, and many more roofing and home improvement services. 

Why Hire A Certified Louisville Kentucky Roofing Contractor?

When you are looking to hire a Louisville KY roofing contractor, the roofing company’s partners matter. Why? As a homeowner you need to know that you have a rock-solid Louisville roofer, however, you need to know who is backing that local roofing company up. 

At Unisource Roofing we have partnered with roofing industry giant Owens Corning Corporation. Owens Corning has been in the roofing manufacturing business for over 80-years and has one of the best reputations in the world when it comes to roofing and attic insulation materials. 

If all major components are installed on your roofing system you can be eligible for up to a 50-year warranty and a 130-mph wind warranty from mighty Owens Corning. Now, this is a roofing warranty that will give you the peace of mind you want, need, and deserve your new roofing project. 

Louisville Kentucky Roofing Contractor: Tips for Hiring A Local Roofer

When you get ready to hire your local Louisville Kentucky roofing contractor there are some key areas you should focus on. Here are some tips for hiring a top Louisville roofing company. 

•Locally Owned & Operated

•Has Workers Comprehensive Insurance

•Accredited with the Better Business Bureau

•Be Certified with At Least One Major Roofing Material Manufacturer

•Carries at least $1,000,000.00 in General Liability Insurance

•Has a Written & Posted Workmanship Warranty

•Does Not Cover Deductibles (Covering Deductibles is Illegal)

There are very important areas of a local roofing contractor you should explore before hiring a roofer to do a home improvement project on your home. After the roofing project is done it’s too late, check out your roofer before you hire them. 

Roof Repair New Roof Installation

Expert Roof Repair & Installation Louisville KY

Do You Need Roof Repair?

Whether you need an emergency roof repair or if you are looking for a new residential asphalt roofing system, Unisource Roofing is here as your roofing expert. 

At Unisource Roofing we love doing roof repairs. Our goal at Unisource Roofing is first repair your roof. If a good roof repair is not the answer for your roofing problems, then a new roof discussion can begin. 

If we do a roof inspection and the roof repair cost is over 31%, then we need to take a hard look at the age of your roof, what your goals are for your home, and then decide if you need a new roof or not. 

Do You Need A New Residential Asphalt Roofing System? 

In many cases you may know from the start you need a new roof. If you come home and see shingle in your driveway or yard, it’s a pretty good indication you have a pretty severe roofing problem. This is much more common than you know. We deal with clients all the time that have roofing shingles slipping down their roof slope or literally lying in the yard. 

In some cases, this roofing issue can be repaired however in many it can’t. Many times, either a major wind event has blown your roofing shingle off your roof or your shingles are what is called high nailed. 

In either of these two scenarios, you will most likely need a new roof. One of our Unisource Roofing project managers will gladly show and explain to you what caused your specific roofing issue. Then you can decide on what course of action is best for your needs. 

Do You Need Skylight Repairs or Skylight Replacement?

Do you have a leaky skylight? Are your skylights old and so dirty you can’t see through them any longer? These are both very common reasons you may need a skylight repair or skylight replacement. 

At Unisource Roofing we recommend the Velux Skylights & Roof Windows. Velux is the most trusted brand in the skylight industry. Velux Skylights also has the longest and best skylight warranty in the industry. If you have a Leakey skylight or if your skylights have just gotten old and you need a skylight replacement, call Unisource Roofing and have one of our trained project managers give you a free inspection and estimate for new Velux Skylights. 

About Our Great City of Louisville Kentucky


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Located in Louisville Kentucky and serving the entire Louisville area, Unisource Roofing can handle your roofing and home improvement needs anywhere in the greater Louisville KY area. Please see a list of our areas served by zip code. 

40018, 40041, 40177, 40204, 40208, 40212, 40216, 40220, 40225, 40232, 40243, 40255, 40266, 40280, 40023, 40056, 40201, 40205, 40209, 40213, 40217, 40221, 40228, 40233, 40245, 40258, 40268 as well as the remaining 29 zip codes for the Louisville area. 

The area code for Louisville is 502 which serves Louisville and Frankfort

Louisville Coordinates: 38°15′22″N 85°45′05″W

FIPS Code: 21-48006

Louisville has some interesting nicknames: Derby City, River City, The Gateway to the South, Falls City, and The ‘Ville

The Official Louisville Website: louisvilleky.com

Louisville is the most populated city in the state of Kentucky as well as the 29th most populated city in the United States of America. The city of Louisville was named for French King Louis XV1 and was founded in 1778. 

The city of Louisville is known as home for some very recognizable names starting with Muhammad Ali, and the Kentucky Derby. Probably most people that have eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken did not know it was named for Kentucky. The famous baseball bates the Louisville Slugger was named for the city of Louisville. 

Kentucky has six Fortune 500 companies and three of those reside in Louisville, Humana, Kindred Healthcare, and Yum. Our Louisville famous boxer is also the name of the city’s main airport, Muhammad Ali International Airport. 

Louisville KY Roofing

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for Your Louisville Kentucky Roofing Contractor

Do Your Service the Entire Louisville City?

Yes, our service is huge. We do service the entire area covered by any zip code to Louisville. 

Do You Have A Warranty on A New Roof? 

Yes, at Unisource roofing we have one of the longest warranties of any roofing company in Louisville. Every new roof at Unisource carries a 5-Year workmanship warranty. 

Do You Do Roof Repairs in Louisville? 

Yes, at Unisource Roofing we love doing roof repairs. In many cases, a well-done roof repair will get our clients many more years of good service with their current roofing system. 

Do You Have A Warranty on Your Roof Repairs? 

Yes, on any roof repair performed by Unisource Roofing we extend a 1-Year labor and workmanship warranty. 

Do You Do Skylight Repairs in Louisville?

Yes, in many cases we can repair your current skylight. If your skylights are too old and past being able to be repaired we recommend the Velux Skylights as a replacement skylight. 

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