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Reasons to choose Unisource Roofing
Reasons to choose Unisource Roofing

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New Pekin New Roof Installation: FAQ

What Roofing System Would You Recommend?

In the Owens Corning line, we would recommend the Duration roofing shingles along with the RizeRidge hip & ridge shingle. This combo will get you the best warranty and protection for the money. 

Is It Necessary to Remove the Old Roofing Felt? 

Yes, the only way to truly know you found and replaced all the rotten wood is to strip off the old felt and do a thorough inspection of your roof’s deck. This way you can truly know you did not roof over rotten wood. 

I Have Skylights on My Home, Should I Change Them During My Roof Installation?

The perfect time to replace your old skylights is during the Residential Asphalt Shingle Roofing System installation. At this time, you will already have to strip any flashing back and clean the roof up to the skylight. This will save money over replacing your skylights after your new roof s installed.

Should I Add Attic Insulation While You Are Replacing My Roof?

This is another home improvement service we provide here at Unisource Roofing and yes it would be a very smart time to add more attic insulation during the roof installation. When the roofing system is removed, we can simply take a sheet of decking off and drop the hose in to add more attic insulation. This will defiantly save you money on labor to install more attic insulation in the future. 

What about maintenance?


At least once every five years is a good interval to have your roof inspected. It’s important to regularly check the flashing, pipe boots and seals to spot any dry rot or damage before it becomes a serious problem or damaging leak.

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