Roof repair Louisville KY starts with a name you can trust, Unisource Roofing. There are many reasons you may need a good roof repair Louisville KY. Roof leaks, tree limb falls on your roof, high winds blow a few roofing shingles off or maybe your plumbing pipe boots have gotten old and are leaking.

Some of these roof leaks could be happening and you may not even know it. We have seen many cases where plumbing pipe boots are leaking water into your attic and the attic insulation is catching the water, so you never see a water stain on your ceiling.

Not only can this cause mold in your attic is will also cause your attic insulation to not work as efficiently and make your home less comfortable.

Roof Repair Louisville KY: How You Get Started

fix leaky roof, louisville kyIf your home’s roof has not been inspected in 5-years or more it is a good idea to have a professional Louisville roofing contractor give you a thorough roof inspection. At Unisource Roofing we give free roof inspection and happily give free estimates.

We can send a trained project manager to your home and do a good roof inspection, then show you anything we find that is a roofing problem now or could be soon.

If we discover a roof leak or other roof maintenance issue, we will give you a full explanation of what the roofing problem is and how we would need to do your roof repair.

Roof Repair Louisville KY: Most Common Roofing Problems

At Unisource Roofing we have seen many roofing problems that eventually cause roof leaks. We will list some of the most common roofing issues that will and do cause the need for a roof repair.

  • Plumbing Pipe Boots
  • Roof Valleys
  • Skylights
  • Wall to Roof Flashings
  • Chimney Flashing
  • Eave & Gutter Flashings

Roof Repair: Why Does A Roof Leak?

fixing a leaky roof, kentucky

Some of the reasons these particular areas are the worst areas to have a roof leak start with cheap roofing materials. In many cases, if better roofing materials were used a roof would get many more years of usable service life before a roof leak happens.

Plumbing pipe boots that were commonly used in the past and what many Louisville roofing companies still use to cut costs are called 3 in 1s. A 3 in 1 is a plumbing pipe boot that is cut to fit either a 1.5”, 2” or even a 3” plumbing pipe. Then you add sealant around the pipe. This plastic area of the plumbing pipe boot dry rots over time and allows for water penetration into your attic.

The average home in Louisville KY has between 2 & 6 plumbing pipe boots on its roof. This are a lot of opportunities for a roof leak to happen. Whether cheap materials or poor workmanship, the areas list here will always be the most vulnerable areas for a roof leak.

Leaky Roof Repair: How We Fix Your Roof

At Unisource Roofing when we repair your leaky plumbing pipe boot, we will strip all the old roofing materials like shingles, felt, and the old plumbing pipe jack off your roof. We will make sure there is no rotten wood from any possible water leaks. Then we will add a layer of Owens Corning WeatherLock ice & water shield to your roof’s deck. After the layer of ice & water, we add a layer of Owens Corning ProArmor synthetic roofing felt. After we have your deck ready, we will install you a new Bullet Boot. The Bullet Boot is a lifetime plumbing pipe boot. The Bullet Boot could give you as much as 35-years of service life. This is a great product and the correct way to do a Louisville roof repair.

Roof Repair Conclusion 

Unless you are in the process of installing a new roof on your home there is nothing you can do about the roofing materials you have on your roof now. The only thing you can do is a top-quality roof repair if you have a roof leak or a good roof inspection shows future roofing problems may be headed your way. 

Have a trusted Louisville KY roofing contractor do your roof inspection and roof repair. This way you can have true peace of mind that your home, the place that protects you and your family is well taken care of. 

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Repair in Louisville KY

Do You DO Roof Repairs in Louisville?

Yes, at Unisource Roofing we love doing roof repairs. In many cases, a well-done roof repair will get you many more years of service life with your current roofing system. 

How Long Will Your Roof Repair Last?

There is no way to truly know how long a roof repair will last. The roofing materials around the repair being done will have a lot to do with how long our repair might last. Depending on the type of roof repair done and the area of the roof repaired our project manager may be able to give you some estimate of time. 

Do You Offer A Warranty on Your Roof Repair?

Yes, we have a 1-year warranty on all roof repairs we do. 

Do You Repair Metal Roofs? 

Yes, we do roof repairs to metal roofs. One of the most common roof repairs needed for a metal roof is a re-screw job. The old screws have a rubber gasket on them and over time they will dry rot. This will cause a roof leak and a need for new metal screws.

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