Roofing Louisville KY

When it comes to roofing Louisville KY, asphalt roofing systems are still the number one type of roof in Louisville as well as the remainder of the United States. There are many roofing systems like metal roofs making strides in the roofing industry, however, the king of the American roof is still the residential asphalt roofing system.

Residential Asphalt Roofing Systems: Our Partner

Let’s talk about the Unisource Roofing partner as well as your partner in your new roof. At Unisource Roofing we have partnered with roofing industry giant, Owens Corning, for your residential asphalt roofing systems. 

We have chosen Owens Corning as our partner for a few reasons. One, Owens Corning has a deep reputation as a roofing materials leader. Two, Owens Corning has been in the roofing materials manufacturing business for nearly 100-years given them a great experience in making asphalt roofing shingles. 

Owens Corning was founded in 1935, however, its origins are back to 1935 when Corning Glass Works and Owens-Illinois started a partnership. Owens Corning has been a Fortune 500 company ever since the list was created in 1955. 

Jump forward to 2020 and The Owens Corning Corporation employs over 19,000 people worldwide. With all this tradition, experience, and financial strength it’s easy to see why Unisource Roofing partnered with mighty Owens Corning. 

Roofing Louisville KY: Your Roofing Shingles

Anytime you talk about a roof, the conversation is going to focus on the roofing shingles. There are several components to any best roof, however, we will start with the star of the show, the roofing shingle. 

At Unisource Roofing we recommend either the Owens Corning Tru Def Duration or the Oakridge roofing shingles. Both roofing shingles are an excellent choice. Each shingle if installed to manufacturers specifications and if the proper components are installed along with the shingles, is eligible for up to a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as a 130-mph wind warranty. 

The Duration roofing shingles come in many great color options and has a deep dimensional look. You can receive the same warranties with the Oakridge roofing shingle without the heavy dimensional look with is what some homeowners are going for. 

Roofing Components

With all good residential asphalt roofing systems, there are supporting roofing components. These roofing components are just as important as our star, the shingles themselves. To have a top roofing system and get the full warranty you want, need, and deserve with your new roof, you must add good roofing components with your shingles. Let’s discuss each roofing component it takes to get the warranty you want. 

Residential Asphalt Roofing Systems: ProArmor Synthetic Roofing Felt

Another roofing component well known to most homeowners is roofing felt. But which roofing felt is best? For strength and durability, Owens Corning has the ProArmor synthetic roofing felt. The synthetic felt is your last line of defense if water does penetrate your roofing shingles. With the Owens Corning ProArmor, synthetic roofing felt along with the quality roofing shingles like the Duration or Oakridge, your home will be protected from roof leaks for decades. 

Owens Corning Ice & Water Shield: WeatherLock

The Owens Corning ice & water shield, WeatherLock, is designed to go in all areas where water penetration is common. At Unisource Roofing we install the WeatherLock in all valleys, around all plumbing pipe boots, around all exhaust vents, under and around chimney flashings, as well as all heavy water flow areas like under eaves and overhangs. 

The Owens Corning WeatherLock Ice & Water shield will give the added protection to vulnerable areas of your roof. 

Residential Asphalt Roofing Systems: Starter Shingles 

The starter shingle is a vital component of any good residential asphalt roofing system. This is also a spot where shady and less reputable roofers will cut costs. Many Louisville roofing contractors, we call them bubba in a truck, will use a 3-tab shingle rather than a top-quality starter like the Owens Corning starter strip. 

To use a 3-tab roofing shingle, you must turn the shingle around backward and cut it to fit. If this is done to your new roof you will not have the adhesive backing that is necessary to thermal seal to the first row or course of roofing shingles. The eave of your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas for wind-driven rain as well as shingle blow from high winds. 

Make sure your new residential roofing systems include a best quality starter strip like the Owens Corning starter strip. 

Eave Flashing or Drip Edge

Next up on your new residential asphalt roofing systems list is the eave flashing or commonly called drip edge. The drip edge is typically an aluminum flashing that is nailed to the eaves of your  Louisville home’s roof. Most drip edge and the drip edge we use at Unisource Roofing will have a 45-degree angle that will help kick the rainwater off your fascia and soffits. When a good quality starter shingle, drip edge, and synthetic felt is used your roof’s eaves are well protected. 

Proper Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is a component most homeowners do not associate with a roofing system. However, proper attic ventilation is a critical component of any good residential asphalt roofing systems. Without proper attic ventilation, you will literally cook your new roofing shingles from the inside out. The Owens Corning VentSure attic ventilation will ensure this does not happen. 

When the VentSure attic ventilation works in conjunction with proper intake ventilation, normally in your roof’s soffits, you not only keep your attic and home cooler but also keep your new roofing shingles cooler. This will add many years of good service life to your roofing system.

Hip & Ridge Shingles: RizeRidge & DuraRidge

The last major component for your new residential asphalt roofing systems is the hip & ridge shingles or commonly called capping. This is yet another area cheaper roofing companies will use to cut costs and give lower roofing estimates. 

At Unisource Roofing we recommend the Owens Corning RizeRidge or the DuraRidge. Both Owens Corning hip & ridge products are excellent choices. Each of these hip & ridge shingle has a 130-mph wind warranty and will look great on your new roof. The major difference between these two products is the look of the hip & ridge. The DuraRidge is going to give you a beefier look to your hips & ridges. If you are looking for that clay tile type look the DuraRidge will be your choice. If you want a sleeker look then you need to explore the RizeRidge which has a less dimensional look. 


For you to get true peace of mind when it comes to roofing Louisville KY, you must start with great roofing materials and have a top roofing contractor in Louisville to bring it all together. 

Check us out and check out the roofing material manufacturing giant, Owens Corning, then give us a call and let one of our trained project managers give you a free roof inspection and a free roofing estimate. 


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