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Leaky skylight can cause all kinds of damage to your home. When it comes to skylight repair Louisville KY, Unisource Roofing is the local Louisville roofing company you can turn to for a top skylight repair.

At Unisource Roofing we only use the best skylights made by Velux Skylights for our skylight repairs or skylight replacement. In many cases, we can repair the skylights you have now, but if we can’t we recommend the Velux Skylights & Roof Windows.

On this page, we will discuss older skylights that may be a roof leak issue as well as our top replacement skylights, Velux Skylights.

At Unisource Roofing we have created this video to show you exactly how we do a skylight repair or a skylight replacement Louisville KY. We believe it is important that we not only tell you how we do a skylight repair or a skylight replacement, but that we show you as well.

At Unisource we believe you should know what your job will look like from beginning to end. Please watch our short video and feel free to leave a comment.

Skylight Repair Louisville KY: Repair or Replace?

The first thing we must do is figure our if your old skylights can be repaired or if they will need to be replaced. Many factors will go into this decision including and most importantly, are you ready for new skylights?

In many cases even if a good skylight repair will stop your skylight leak, you may need to decide if it is just time for skylight replacement regardless of a roof leak or not. Some of the issues with older skylights start with a roof leak, however, in many cases with older skylights the plexiglass becomes brittle and nearly impossible to see through.

Skylight Repair Louisville KY: Fix It

To start with a rock-solid skylight repair Louisville KY, we must do a thorough roof inspection. We must assess what shape your skylights are in as well as the roofing materials around your skylights. In many cases, if your skylights are leaking all the roofing materials surrounding the skylights will have to be removed to be able to make the skylight repair.

The flashing around the skylight is the probable culprit. If the skylight unit itself is leaking, then a skylight replacement will be necessary.

Skylight Repair Louisville KY: Replace It

If you have older skylights it might just be time to do a skylight replacement Louisville KY. Once you see the new Velux Skylights you may opt to go right ahead and get this amazing product. The Velux Skylights & Roof Windows if installed with the Velux flashing kit come with a 10-year no-leak warranty. No other skylight brand in the market can match this great warranty.

Not only does Velux Skylights give a great warranty on the skylight unit itself, if it does leak, but they will also fix and repair anything in your home. So, if you have sheetrock damage or if the repair will require painting, Velux will cover it all. This is true peace of mind with your new skylights.

Why Velux?

Great question, why a Velux Skylight? Velux Skylights was founded in 1941 giving the Velux Company a long history in the skylight industry. Velux Skylights has the longest and best skylight warranty in the business. 10-year no-leak is a great skylight warranty.

Benefits of Velux Skylights

A key reason to have skylights is to allow natural sunlight into your home. This will not only reduce your dependence on artificial lighting which will save on electric bills but could also have a positive effect on your mood. Yes, studies show people that work in natural lighting get better sleep quality. Natural light has a different balance of colors compared to most artificial light sources, which can affect sleep and circadian rhythms.

So, save on your utility bill and feel better all at the same time, this is just one benefit of Velux Skylights and natural lighting but a big one.

Velux Fresh Air Skylights

Velux Skylights has an electric fresh air model skylight that is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Think about that steamy bathroom after your shower, an electric fresh air skylight can allow all that heat and steam to exit your bathroom leaving you with a better feeling experience.

How about your kitchen? We have all done it, yes burned something on the stove. If you haven’t then you’re the king of the kitchen, but if you have to think about a new Velux electric fresh air skylight to let all that smoke out.

These are just two brilliant reasons to add or replace your old skylights with new state of the art Velux Skylights.

Some of the questions you may have about Velux Skylights that a trained Unisource Roofing project manager can answer for you are, Velux skylights sizes, how to open Velux Skylights, Velux Skylight installation, Velux Skylight blinds, Velux deck mounted skylight, Pella skylights, replacement skylights, Velux solar skylights, skylights that open with screens and Anderson skylights.

Our trained project manager will be able to answer all these questions that you might have.

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Skylight Repair Louisville KY: Conclusion 

If you feel you need a skylight repair Louisville KY you must ask yourself, what do you want from your skylights? If you are happy with what you have and just want the skylight leak repaired, then we will certainly address that concern. However, when you explore all the cool new Velux Skylights with all the numerous options available today, you may opt to just go ahead and do a skylight replacement and have the best skylights on the market in your home. 

Have one of our trained project managers get you all the information and help you make the decision best for your situation.

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