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Your trusted roofing contractor Louisville KY, Unisorce Roofing, performs roofing & remodeling services like roof repairs, skylight repairs, skylight replacement, patio cover installation, new residential asphalt roof replacement, and home renovations. Louisville roofing company, Unisource Roofing, serves the greater Louisville, KY areas including Shelbyville, New Albany, Brownsboro Village, and Jeffersontown just for starters. Your Louisville roofer should be certified by a major roofing manufacturer like Owens Corning. At Unisource Roofing we are a Preferred roofing contractor with roofing industry giant, Owens Corning Corporation. With the backing of roofing powerhouse, Owens Corning, Unisource Roofing can offer better roofing warranties than your average local roofer. Hire the best Louisville roofing company along with getting the best roofing materials. Get Unisource Roofing and Owens Corning.

If you find yourself doing a Google search for, roof repair near me. Unisource Roofing is the answer you need!

Why Hiring The Right Roofing Company Louisville KY  Is So Important!

When you hire a Louisville roofer, selecting the right Louisville roofing company can make or break your roofing experience. Whether you need a minor roof repair or a new residential asphalt roof. Unisource Roofing is your Louisville roofing company you want, need, and deserve during such an important home improvement project.

When it comes to Louisville KY roofers, Unisource Roofing has what it takes to give you true peace of mind!

Hey, Louisville KY. Can Your Louisville Roofing Company Do This?

At Unisource Roofing every roofing client of ours has their very own client portal. In your Louisville roofing client portal, powered by SSA, Store Share Access, you will have access to all of your roofing insurance documents, roofing project pictures, and communications with your project manager. You can even pay for your roofing project right in your client portal by E-Check or credit card if you like. Here at Unisource Roofing, our #1 goal is for you to have an excellent experience during your roofing project.

Client Portal

Our Roofing Client Portal makes roofing a breeze. Learn More >

Just a few things you can do in your Unisource Roofing client portal start with being able to follow your roofing project through the before, during, and after project pictures. Communications are vital to having a good experience. At Unisource Roofing you can communicate with your project manager right from your SSA client portal.

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Client Portal


We’re not just any Louisville roofing contractor: We’re your neighbor. Unisource Roofing serves the entire Louisville area of Kentucky.

Trust Is Earned in Roofing

Owens Corning Preferred Roofing Contractor

How do we help you trust us? Unisource Roofing is an Owens Corning Preferred Roofing Contractor. With the power of roofing industry giant, Owens Corning, Unisource Roofing can offer longer roof warranties than your average Louisville roofing company. The Owens Corning Corporation offers roofing warranties up to 130-mph on wind warranty and as long as 50-years on roofing materials manufacturers defects. Unisource Roofing adds our own 5-Year workmanship warranty to every new roof residential asphalt roof we install.

#1 Skylight Brand in the Industry: Velux Skylights & Roof Windows

At Unisource Roofing when we do a skylight replacement, we use the #1 brand in the skylight industry. Why is this important? As a roofing client, you need to know what type of roofing materials & accessories your Louisville roofing company is installing on your roof. Velux Skylights has the very best warranty in the business, a 10-year no-leak warranty. Only the best skylights in the industry can stand up to this type of warranty.

Owens Corning Top Of  The House

What is Top Of The House with the Owens Corning Corporation? Most people know that Owens Corning makes some of the best attic insulation in the home building materials industry. However, most people don’t know just how much information Owens Corning puts our for people to learn with. The Top Of The House program will educate not on Unisource Roofing, but also our roofing clients about proper attic insulation and attic ventilation. These are two very important components of your roofing systems and Owens Corning helps the Unisource Roofing team stay up to date on any changes as well as best practice for attic insulation & attic ventilation.

The BBB, Better Business Bureau

Unisource is a member of the BBB, Better Business Bureau and we follow all guidelines that are required by any business that wants to be a part of the BBB program. Unisource Roofing being a member of the BBB is just one more way we show our commitment to each & every roofing client that trust and integrity are a vital part of business here.

Velux Skylights