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At Unisource Roofing we not only want to tell you but show you how we install every new residential asphalt shingle roofing system. The purpose of this page of our website is to not only explain how we install your new roof but buy why each step is taken, how important each step is in protecting your home as well as showing each roofing component we install on your new roof.

First, let’s talk about the roofing material we recommend for your new roof and who makes it. Unisource Roofing has partnered with the Owens Corning Corporation for your roofing materials as well as your roof warranty. The reason we have partnered with roofing industry leader, Owens Corning, begins with longevity. Owens Corning has been manufacturing quality roofing materials for over eighty years.

Owens Corning has some of the best new roof warranties in the roofing industry. You can get up to a 50-year warranty with a new roof by Owens Corning. If you install the Duration shingles with hip & ridge shingles like RizeRidge along with the Owens Corning starter shingle and ice & water, you can receive this amazing warranty.

Residential Asphalt Shingle Roofing System: The Installation Process

The Pre-Job Prep Work

Now, let us take you through a full new residential asphalt shingle roofing system installation. 

The very first thing we do at Unisource Roofing is to prepare your home for the roofing job. We will move items in your yard away from your home so they will not be damaged. We will make sure your cars are a safe distance from the construction work to be done. Next, we will put tarps around your home to make sure we catch the roofing debris that will be removed from your home’s roof. 

Once we have your home and landscaping protected it’s time to check in your new roofing material. Our production team will make sure the correct roofing shingles are on location. Next, we will make sure all the material was delivered.

stripping off old roof KY

Stripping Off the Old Roofing System

Once we get your home prepared for the roofing job, the first step is removing the old shingles. At Unisource Roofing we remove not only the old roofing shingle but also the old roofing felt. This way we can inspect your roof’s deck and make sure any rotten wood is found and replaced. Once the old shingles and felt are removed we prepare your deck for the new roofing shingles. 

Adding Ice & Water Shield 

Once we have a nice clean roofing deck to work with, we start by adding the Owens Corning WeatherLock ice & water shield. The WeatherLock ice & water will go in all valleys, around all plumbing fixtures like plumbing pipes and exhaust vents, and around chimneys to add an extra layer of protection from water penetration. 

residential asphalt shingle

Residential Asphalt Shingle Roofing System: Synthetic Roofing Felt

The next step in your new roof installation process is the roofing felt. We use the Owens Corning ProArmor, Deck Defense, RhinoRoof, or Titanium. These are some of the best synthetic roofing felts in the roofing industry. 

Drip Edge Installation

Next on our list of components to install is the drip edge or commonly called, eave flashing. The drip edge is a very important component of your new roof. The drip edge is what helps protect your fascia and soffits from staying wet during rains and causing wood rot. This is one area lesser roofing contractors will try and cut costs by not installing a new drip edge. Normally if you get a cheap bid on a roof this is one component you will see that is left off. 

Starter Shingle Installation

The starter shingle is another very important component of your roofing system to ensure that the eaves of your roof are watertight. This is yet another area many local roofers will attempt to cut corners and give cheap bids. 

The truth of roofing is there are only two areas you can cut costs, either on the materials used or on labor. Many substandard roofers use cheap unskilled labor but to give cheap bids they also use cheap materials as well as not changing out components like drip edge. Using 3-tab roofing shingles as starter shingles is another trick cheap roofers use to give cheap bids. At Unisource Roofing we only use real starter shingles like the Owens corning starter strip. The Owens Corning starter strip has a thermal adhesive backing that helps the starter shingle thermal seal to the first course or row of shingles. This helps secure a watertight bond at the vulnerable eave of your home. 

What It’s All About: New Asphalt Roofing Shingle Installation 

Now it’s time for what your installation day is all about. Your new Owens Corning roofing shingles. At Unisource Roofing we recommend either the Owens Corning Oakridge or Duration roofing shingles. Whether one of these is a great choice. 

Owens Corning Oakridge Roofing Shingles 

The Oakridge line of shingles is a great choice if you want a great warranty with a shingle that does not have as a dimensional look to it. Some people think that some shingles have a busy look or as some call it a checkerboard look. This is due to a high dimensional shingle. The Oakridge shingle by Owens Corning will satisfy that protective side of you as well as the straightforward professional look to this shingle. 

The Owens Corning Tru-Def Duration Roofing Shingle

The Tru-Def Duration shingle by Owens Corning comes in a great variety of colors as well as a truly tough shingle. The Duration shingle has a patented nail line called the SureNail line. This is a reinforced fabric embedded right into the shingle to make it nearly impossible to blow off. The Duration line of shingles is probably the number one line of shingles Owens Corning carries. It is economical to purchase and is a truly durable shingle. 

Residential Asphalt Shingle Roofing System: Ventilation 

Your roof’s attic ventilation is a very important part of your roofing system. Without proper attic ventilation, you can literally cook your new shingle from the inside out. Your attic ventilation is not only how you help control your home’s temperature, but also the temperature of your roof. We use the Owens Corning VentSure attic ventilation system to keep your home cooler and more comfortable as well as getting better longevity from your new roofing system. 

The Owens Corning Hip & Ridge Shingle

The next component of our Unisource Roofing installation is what is called the capping or hip & ridge shingles. The hips & ridges of your home are some of the most vulnerable areas during high wind events. You do not have to live in Louisiana or Florida to be worried about high winds. Any tornado or straight-line wind event can rip the shingles right off your home. If you use the Owens corning Duration shingles along with the Owens Corning RizerRidge or DuraRidge hip & ridge shingle as well as the starter strip you will be eligible for up to a 50-year and 130-mph wind warranty back by roofing powerhouse Owens Corning. 

This is what is called true peace of mind with a new roofing system. 

New Roofing System Clean-Up & Wrap Up

Now that you have your new roofing system it is time to make our post-job cleanup. We will pick up any debris that missed the tarps that were placed around your home. Once we have made a few passes around your home picking up any excess debris we will use industrial-strength magnets to pick up any nails that might have missed the tarps. 

New Roof Installation FAQ

What Roofing System Would You Recommend?
In the Owens Corning line, we would recommend the Duration roofing shingles along with the RizeRidge hip & ridge shingle. This combo will get you the best warranty and protection for the money.
Is It Necessary to Remove the Old Roofing Felt?
Yes, the only way to truly know you found and replaced all the rotten wood is to strip off the old felt and do a thorough inspection of your roof’s deck. This way you can truly know you did not roof over rotten wood.
I Have Skylights on My Home, Should I Change Them During My Roof Installation?
The perfect time to replace your old skylights is during the Residential Asphalt Shingle Roofing System installation. At this time, you will already have to strip any flashing back and clean the roof up to the skylight. This will save money over replacing your skylights after your new roof s installed.
Should I Add Attic Insulation While You Are Replacing My Roof?
This is another home improvement service we provide here at Unisource Roofing and yes it would be a very smart time to add more attic insulation during the roof installation. When the roofing system is removed, we can simply take a sheet of decking off and drop the hose in to add more attic insulation. This will defiantly save you money on labor to install more attic insulation in the future.

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